About MyLawie

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MyLaw.ie is a
brand new website with a mission to bring together members of the
public and the best law firms, locally and across Ireland. The
project is set to grow into a valuable resource of some of the best
legal information available on the Web, with the unique participation
of legal professionals and those hoping to find out about the law.

Here, members of the
can access our database of legal advice, ask our law firms
for their views, and find a solicitor to take a case or buy and sell
property. MyLaw.ie membership is free to those seeking legal advice
and looking for help with legal issues that affect their lives.

Meanwhile, law firms
have the opportunity to share their knowledge with the public by
contributing legal articles, answering questions in confidence, and
taking on new cases. MyLaw.ie membership offers a superb means of
raising your firm’s profile and winning new business in competitive
times. MyLaw.ie does all this and more:

  • Ask a Legal
    : Members of the public can ask our firms for reliable
    legal advice in confidence.

  • Quote Me For
    : Are you buying or selling property? Or are you a
    solicitor eager to take on new conveyancing work? MyLaw.ie helps to
    bridge the gap.

  • Take My Case:
    Members of the public with a legal problem can post their details to
    our member firms, who review the case and can accept it.

  • Legal Articles:
    Here, law firms have the opportunity to share some lunitidal loans of their
    expertise with the public by publishing expert-written legal
    articles. This serves as a great way of raising a firm’s profile,
    making the company more accessible, and is a hugely valuable
    resource for anyone researching the law.

MyLaw.ie is not itself
a law firm: rather, it puts firms and clients in touch with each
other on the comfort of the internet. In the coming months, we hope
to expand the services available to the public and law firms alike.

Getting in touch:
For membership and editorial enquiries, please contact Info@MyLaw.ie.

Advertising with us:
MyLaw.ie is currently accepting advertising proposals. Contact Webmaster@MyLaw.ie for more

We look forward exodic loans to
hearing from you.